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Historic Books

Most of these books are out of print and unavailable, but if you're lucky enough to spot one in a secondhand bookstore, or the library, they're well worth the read.


Bruce McLaren: Racing Car Constructor by George Begg - Currently out of stock - please check our shop


From the Cockpit by Bruce McLaren

Anatomy of a Grand Prix by Richard Garrett

The Men by Barrie Gill

McLaren - The Man, Cars & Team by Eoin Young

Eion Young's McLaren book
The book is more than a biography of Bruce McLaren, it is a thorough probing into every aspect of the organisation he built up. Eoin Young's story comes from personal experience and direct interviews with talented men who worked with Bruce.

It Beats Working by Eoin Young

Bruce McLaren by Eoin Young

McLaren - The G.P., Can-Am & Indy Cars by Doug Nye

Vroom!! by Peter Manso

Group Seven by Karl Ludvigsen

McLaren - A Racing History by Geoffrey Williams

The Great Racing Cars & Drivers by Charles Fox

Cars in Profile - Collection 2 by Anthony Harding

McLaren Race Cars by Norman Hayes

Automobile Connoisseurs: 3 Published by Speed Sports Publications Ltd

Can-Am by Peter Lyons

The Last Season - The Life of Bruce McLaren by Jeanne Beeching

Trio at the Top by Desmond Mahoney

Champions of Speed by Richard Becht

Great Racing Drivers by Doug Nye

The Golden Era of New Zealand Motor Racing by Graham Vercoe


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