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The Personal Tapes

Never before, nor since, has there been a man with the talent and ability of Bruce McLaren.  The name is now synonymous with victory.  This CD takes you into the personal family archives tapes from Bruce that have remained hidden for over forty years.  Discover Bruce McLaren unguarded, intimate, amusing and honest.  Hear anecdotes and opinions sheltered from the media for four decades.  This is the real Bruce McLaren.

The CD contains authentic audio from 1958 1960.  In addition you can run the CDROM section of this disk in your Windows PC or Apple Mac and view rare photographs and information.

This CD covers the era from Bruce's arrival in England in 1958, to 1960. It's a personal and candid documentation of his life as a developing racing driver, inexperienced in the ways of the world, yet surviving his adventures with dedication and a passion for motor racing.

Proceeds from this CD support the Bruce McLaren Trust,
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