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Aims & Objectives

  • To operate as a charitable trust
  • To perpetuate the memory of Bruce McLaren, his team and associated drivers through education, sporting, business and community opportunities by promoting their achievements which established and enhanced New Zealandís reputation as a force in world motorsport and racing car design.
  • To preserve and promote motoring history and its related heritage in New Zealand.
  • To actively assist where possible with education - from the heritage, driving skills and safety aspect and to support communities and councils wherever possible within these realms.
  • To support and assist the Bruce McLaren Intermediate School and other schools wherever possible.
  • To work towards and assist with the formation of a permanent memorial to Bruce McLaren.
    • To be the guardian and curator of motorsport memorabilia such as:
      Motorsport trophies
    • Films and videos
    • Photographs
    • Displays
    • McLaren memorabilia in general
    • McLaren cars and/or other associated vehicles, these items to be used for the benefit of all New Zealanders
  • To assist, coordinate and promote restoration of McLaren cars
  • To liaise with McLaren International Ltd.
  • To liaise with local and international motoring groups, historic car associations and clubs.

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