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Can-Am Race Results

Bruce McLaren's Can-Am Record

Year Team Races Wins Poles Points
1966 McLaren M1B Chev 6 0 1 20 (3rd)
1967 McLaren M6A Chev 6 2 3 30 (1st)
1968 McLaren M8A Chev 5 1 3 24 (2nd)
1969 McLaren M8B Chev 11 6 5 165 (1st)
Totals 28 9 12 239


Team McLaren Can-Am Racing Record 1967-1972

1967 M6A

  • Elkhart Lake (Sep 3): Hulme 1st (led start to finish); McLaren retired (engine bearings)
  • Bridgehampton (Sep 17): Hulme 1st (led start to finish); McLaren 2nd
  • Mosport (Sep 23): Hulme 1st (limped home when tyre burst on penultimate lap); McLaren 2nd (started late when leaking fuel "bladder bag" had to be replaced)
  • Laguna Seca (Oct 15): McLaren 1st (lapped entire field); Hulme retired (engine)
  • Riverside (Oct 29): McLaren 1st (by 3 sec from Hallís Chaparral); Hulme retired (black flagged for bodywork damage)
  • Las Vegas (Nov 12): McLaren retired (engine); Hulme retired (engine)

Championship placings: McLaren 1st, Hulme 2nd

1968 M8A

  • Elkhart Lake (Sep 1): Hulme 1st (but slowed by broken rocker arm); McLaren 2nd
  • Bridgehampton (Sep 15): Hulme retired (engine); McLaren retired (engine)
  • Edmonton (Sep 29): Hulme 1st (by 10 sec); McLaren 2nd
  • Laguna Seca (Oct 13): Hulme 2nd (atrociously wet); McLaren 5th
  • Riverside (Oct 27th): McLaren 1st (led start to finish); Hulme 5th (slowed by damaged bodywork)
  • Las Vegas (Nov 10): Hulme 1st; McLaren 6th (first corner accident damaged bodywork)

Championship placings: Hulme 1st, McLaren 2nd

1969 M8B

  • Mosport (Jun 1): McLaren 1st; Hulme 2nd (only 0.2 second behind)
  • St Jovite (Jun 15): Hulme 1st McLaren 2nd
  • Watkins Glen (Jul 13): McLaren 1st (led start to finish); Hulme 2nd
  • Edmonton (Jul 27): Hulme 1st (but pushed by Amonís Ferrari 612P); McLaren retired (piston failure)
  • Mid-Ohio (Aug 17): Hulme 1st; McLaren 2nd (despite oil pump failure on closing stage)
  • Elkhart Lake (Aug 31): McLaren 1st; Hulme 2nd
  • Bridgehampton (Sep 24): Hulme 1st; McLaren 2nd
  • Michigan (Sep 28): McLaren 1st; Hulme 2nd; Gurney 3rd (in spare works M8B)
  • Laguna Seca (Oct 12): McLaren 1st; Hulme 2nd; Gurney 3rd (in spare works M8B)
  • Riverside (Oct 26): Hulme 1st; McLaren retired (accident after rear wishbone broke, running in 2nd)
  • Texas (Nov 9): McLaren 1st; Hulme retired (engine blew while leading)

Championship placings: McLaren 1st, Hulme 2nd

1970 M8D

  • Mosport (Jun 14): Gurney 1st; Hulme 3rd (troubled by burnt hands)
  • St Jovite (Jun 28): Gurney 1st (lead start to finish); Hulme retired (overheating)
  • Watkins Glen (Jul 12): Hulme 1st (lead start to finish); Gurney 9th (slowed by overheating)
  • Edmonton (Jul 26): Hulme 1st; Gethin 2nd
  • Mid-Ohio (Aug 23): Hulme 1st; Gethin 9th (engine problems)
  • Elkhart Lake (Aug 30): Gethin 1st; Hulme disqualified (push start after spin)
  • Road Atlanta (Sep 13): Gethin 7th (pit stop for accident, then stopped by gearbox problems); Hulme retired (hit by backmarker)
  • Donnybrooke (Sep 27): Hulme 1st; Gethin 2nd
  • Laguna Seca (Oct 12): Hulme 1st; Gethin retired (spun off on oil)

Championship placings: Hulme 1st Gethin 3rd Gurney 9th

1971 M8F

  • Mosport (Jun 13): Hulme 1st; Revson 2nd
  • St Jovite (Jun 27): Hulme 2nd (felt nauseous, beaten by Stewart's Lola); Revson 3rd
  • Road Atlanta (Jul 11): Revson 1st (but Stewart had led); Hulme 2nd (slowed by poor brakes)
  • Watkins Glen (Jul 25): Revson 1st (Stewart lead again before puncture); Hulme 2nd (stopped to replace broken wheel)
  • Mid-Ohio (Aug 22): Revson 7th (universal joint failure); Hulme retired after identical universal joint failure on first lap)
  • Elkhart Lake (Aug 29): Revson 1st (from the back of the grid owing to no practice time); Hulme retired (engine broke while leading)
  • Edmonton (Sep 26): Hulme 1st; Revson 12th (started 11 laps late after bolt dropped down injection trumpet, sabotage suspected)
  • Laguna Seca (Oct 17): Revson 1st (despite being black flagged on final lap for dropping oil); Hulme 3rd
  • Riverside (Oct 31): Hulme 1st (led start to finish); Revson 2nd

Championship placings: Revson 1st, Hulme 2nd

1972 M20

  • Mosport (Jun 11): Hulme 1st; Revson 3rd (led until engine problems two laps from home)
  • Road Atlanta (Jul 9): Hulme retired (massive crash when car flipped at 180mph); Revson retired (stopped on circuit with ignition problem where Hulme crashed, helped Hulme out of the wrecked car, rejoined, set lap record, retired with no oil pressure)
  • Watkins Glen (Jul 23): Hulme 1st; Revson 2nd
  • Mid-Ohio (Aug 6): Hulme 4th (changeable weather, five tyre stops); Revson retired (engine)
  • Elkhart Lake (Aug 27): Hulme retired (ignition failure); Revson retired (clutch)
  • Donnybrooke (Sep 17): Hulme retired (engine failure while second); Revson retired (engine)
  • Edmonton (Oct 1): Hulme 2nd (but led for 31 laps); Revson 6th
  • Laguna Seca (Oct 15): Hulme retired (timing chain); Revson retired (transmission)
  • Riverside (Oct 29) Revson 2nd; Hulme retired (engine)

Championship placings: Hulme 2nd, Revson 6th

Its glorious five-year reign over, Gulf Team McLaren withdrew completely from Can-Am (read A Clockwork Orange)


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