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Campaigning a McLaren Formula 1, Formula 2, Formula 3, Can-Am Car, an Indy Car, or a McLaren road car can be very exciting. Let us feature your car so other McLaren owners and enthusiasts can know about you, your car and its history. This will help us start compiling a register of McLaren Cars both team and Trojan customer cars.

Please contact us if you would like to let us know about your McLaren.

















  M16C M17 M18 M19 M20 M21 M22 M23 M24 M25 M26 M27 M28 M29 M30

George Nuse: M30 - 1980 -01

I have owned this car for some years now. I am the second owner since McLaren. I guess being the M30 it is the last of the "real" McLarens. It and myself no longer speed around the track, but at one time... well, you know.

Attached is a photo of the car with me (top) and one with its original driver, A.Prost (bottom)


George Nuse

Patrick S. Ryan: M16C - 1974 -5

This M16C was the car that Johnny Rutherford drove to victory in the 1974 Indianapolis 500. It was purchased from the Walther family and then restored by Rick Carroll of Jensen Beach, Florida. Purchased from the Carroll estate by the current owner, Patrick S. Ryan, of Montgomery, Alabama at the Sotheby's auction in Palm Beach, 1991. The car is on display in the "Prisma Collection" museum in Montgomery, Alabama, and appeared in 2004 with Johnny Rutherford at the Amelia Island Concours.

McLaren M16

Group 7 Sportscars: M12

M12 at Sandown



Bob Webster: M12 - 1969 - 60-03

Chassis 60-03 was originally sold to Lothar Motschenbacher for CanAm seasons 1969 and 1970 and also driven by Tony Adamowicz for two races in the 1970 season. At the beginning of 1971 the car was sold to Seigfreid Reiger and campaigned in the European inter series. In the mid 1970's it was fitted with a 5 litre small block Chevrolet and in the late 1990's was returned to a 510cid big block Chevrolet configuration. The car was purchased in October 2000 by Bob Webster and returned to the States where it is located in Northern California and campaigned in local events. The vehicle is prepared and maintained by Robin Automotive based at Sears Point Raceway.

Mark Longmore: M10B - 1970 - 400-06

Tel             (+44) 0 7977 986056     
Fax (+44) 0 207 681 2128

Drivers in 1970 Season: Peter Gethin, Derek Bell, Reine Wisell. I am told by Peter Gethin that the car was the only M10B to be owned by McLaren in 1970 and was loaned to Sid Taylor's team. Peter Gethin won the F5000 championship in 1970 in the car and jointly held the outright lap record at Castle Combe for 14 years.

The car also competed in some combined F1 / F500 races between 1970 & 1973.

Owners after McLaren were:
1971-72 Keith Holand
1972 Clive Baker
1973 Chris Oates
1974-76 Dave Harris Won the British Sprint championship in the car in 1975 & 76
1977 Taylor
1977-78 Robin Darlington
1979 Michael Lavers
1980-1990 John Peskett (also currently owns M10A Chassis 300-16
1990-1993 Rick Hall of Hall & Fowler
1994-2000 Mike Barretta ( Munich Germany)
2000-date Mark Longmore.

The car was restored by the well respected Hall & Fowler between 1991 and 1993 before being sold to a German collector.  Please can you let me know if you have any information on the car or if you are interested in receiving a full history of the car when I have it all in place?  I enclose a photo of the car in its current state and a photo copy of the car as run in 1970.  I am currently restoring the car to its original look and livery (White with Green stripes) do you have any a colour photos?  I intend to have the car ready for the "2001 Force Historic F5000 championship". The car will be driven by myself, but in the main by Morgan +8 champion Matthew Wurr.


Jesús Pozo: M10A - 1969 - 300-07

28002 Madrid, Spain
Phone             (+34) 91 519 50 60     
Fax (+34) 91 519 51 20
1- Roger McCraig, original owner. Bought it from McLaren/Trojan in 1969
2- Feb 12 1972- Roger McCraig sold to Howell Fairbanks, Minnesota.
3- July 1977- Minnesota owner donated it to Rimouuski Museum, Quebec
4- September 12 1984- Rimouski Museum sold to Ives Perreault of Quebec (who restored it)
5- 1993- Perreault sold to Dallas buyer Berrastaquin
6- In 1997 car sold to Captain Ron Mass of Atlanta
7- December 1999 Car sold to Andrew Simpson, Houston
8- November 2005. Car sold to Jesús Pozo, Madrid, Spain,            (+34) 650 949 142      , jesuspozo @


Ross Maxwell: M8FP 1972 Chassis 72-03

McLaren M8FP  George Loos car in the beginning - Sam Brown - Tom Shelton - Joel Finn - Bob Rubin and I bought the car from Dean E Butler at the end of August 2005 and it's on the way to the UK now. We will run the car in the Orwell Super Supersports Cup 2006.

I'm am Kiwi a great honour to own such a car.


Ross Maxwell's M8FP


Peter Hoffman: M8FP

1972 M8FP raced by Helmut Kelleners in the Interseries and sold to the current owner in 1975. It won world championship points for McLaren in '77 or '78 using a 302 cui in the car to race against the Cosworths.

Peter Hoffman's M8FP
Still uses it today. Won the last event in Donington, September 2001.

Jules Moritz, Jr: M8E - 1971 80-087

M8E converted to D body in 1972 and raced in the Interseries by Kaye Griffiths with Led Zeppelin sponsorship.

The Ex-Team VDS, Kaye Griffiths “Led Zeppelin” 1971 McLaren-Chevrolet M8E/D, CANAM/Group 7 Sports-Racing, Two-seater, Chassis No. 80-08

The McLaren M8E was the customer version of the utterly dominant Gulf-McLaren M8D works team cars campaigned in 1970 by Denny Hulme, Dan Gurney and Peter Gethin to secure the British based team’s crushing fourth consecutive success in the Canadian-American challenge series – the Can-Am Championship.

Bruce McLaren’s magnificent series of Chevrolet V-8 powered “free formula” sports racing cars had first won the Can-Am Championship titles in 1967.  Since Bruce McLaren Motor Racing Limited was at the time a small dedicated undertaking fully committed in design, build and running of its own Formula 1 and sports-racing cars, it had no capacity to manufacture for customer demand.  Bruce had consequently reached an agreement with Peter Agg’s Trojan company, which manufactured customer Can-Am cars to McLaren designs and standards, throughout the period in question.  Two of the customer variant M8E cars were adapted to feature the wide-track suspension and side-fenced “Batmobile” bodywork developed for the works M8D cars, and it is our understanding that this “Led Zeppelin” machine is one of those two.

Ernest Iaconetti: M8D 1970-04

Chassis # M8D-4 was enlisted for Denny Hulme to compete in the last three rounds of the 1970 Can Am series, Donnybrooke, Laguna Seca and Riverside. He won all three rounds and the Can Am Championship.

At The end of the 1970 season, M8D-4 was sold to privateer Tony Dean. Dean was recuperating from an injury when the 1971 Can Am season began. He enlisted Chuck Parsons and David Hobbs to drive the car for the first four rounds. At the fifth round, Mid-Ohio, Dean felt well enough to drive the car himself. Unfortunately, he crashed the car heavily during practice.

Since the car’s chassis (tub) was badly bent, Dean ordered a new replacement tub from Trojan. Dean used this new tub “together with all the usable parts from the original M8D to rebuild the car...for the purpose of continuing to race in the 1971 Can Am series”. This process took approx. seven weeks. He re-joined the Can Am series at the Laguna Seca round in October 1971. Prior to the race he was approached by and sold the car to Roy Woods who needed a car for Vic Elford to drive as Vic had crashed his McLaren M8E during practice. Vic drove it during the race that weekend and due to a conflict in Vic’s schedule, Roy Woods had George Follmer drive it at the last race of the 1971 Can Am season at Riverside, California.

Following the 1971 season, Roy Woods sold the car to Bill Overhauser, team W.O.R.L.D. Overhauser had Canadian driver John Cordts drive the car during most all of the 1972, and in selected rounds of the 1973 seasons. Overhauser drove the car himself at the last original Can Am race at Elkhart Lake, Road America in 1974.

Overhauser then sold the car to Hal Whipple here in California. Whipple drove it in S.C.C.A events until 1977. The car was then sold to the Modena Collection in Australia.

I purchased the car in 1997. Based at Sears Point Raceway in Northern California, it is currently undergoing a complete restoration. It will be finished later this year, in time to participate in vintage events celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Can Am.

McLaren M8D

Dick Lins: M6B 1968 50-10

This car was sold to All American Racers (Dan Gurney) in 1968. AAR modified it and called it the "McLeagle". AAR campaigned it for 2 years and it was then sold to Bobby Brown, who campaigned it for at least another 1 1/2 years. It was last raced in local SCCA events around Chicago by a Robert Svast. I purchased it from Bob Peter (Chama, New Mexico) in 1977, and it has been undergoing sporadic restoration work since then. It is now about 80% complete. It is being restored to the late 1969 configuration, with big block Chev power.

Bill Fraley

I purchased this car from Brett Lunger & George Alderman in 1969. I am the third owner from new. This was the feature car, July, 1966, R&T, "Nickey Chevrolet"/Charlie Hayes car. I sent the car to Bill Moir in Salinas, Calif., several years ago, & it has been partially completed. I also went to Traco Engineering & had Jim Jones build an original new chevy (cast iron) w/the 58DCO3 sidedraft webers, planning to restore it exactly as it was when Charlie Hayes campaigned it. Traco built the motors for Charlie & Jim even had the old dyno sheets to go by!!! Final restoration will be in the original white livery, complete with all original graphics, as I was fortunate enough to find & purchase the negatives from the original R&T article, in full color!!! Arora also did a slot car model of the Nickey Chevy, which I have also located. I've owned this car for over 30 yrs. & hope to finish it & compete in SVRA, & other events, as VIR (Virginia International Raceway) is 45min. from home, as well as Road Atlanta, etc. I'm an old FF SCCA racer, 30yr. SCCA member, & as soon as my 2 children reach Grad. school, I'm go' in racing!! (in 2-3yrs.) Any old photos, etc. of my car would be sincerely appreciated.

Believe it or not, this is my first visit to your website...I had thought the McLaren Trust might be out there. Awesome job!!!! Very impressive. Now I have a way to shop for the bits I need to finish!! Thanks for all your hard work!!

Phil Henny

Portland Oregon July 26,2007.

Dear McLaren Trust,

I was a mechanic at Scuderia Filipinetti in Switzerland and came to America in 1967, to work for Shelby American. I was one of the mechanics assigned to the MKIV of Dan Gurney and AJ Foyt that won Le Mans in 1967. Of course Bruce was driving J5, co-driving with Mark Donohue. We all at Shelby, had the greatest respect for Bruce, no other drivers had the knowledge and the finesse that Bruce had.

In 1969, I was a mechanic at Al Bartz Engines in Van Nuys, where the McLaren Team had their engine shop, Tyler was there, Gary Knudsen and Edy Wyss, another Swiss who were building those famous 7-litre engines.

I purchased in 1968 a McLaren MK2 without engine and trans. It was Chassis # MKII 3003. It was a team car sold to Lothar Motschenbacker and then to Ron Herrera, I bought it from Ron for $1000.00. I totally rebuilt the car with a Bartz engine and a ZF transmission. I raced it at Orange County Intl. Raceway in 1969, finishing second to a Lola T70 and ahead of Milt Minter Porsche. I did a couple National races with it and sold it in 1971 to Chuck McConnell. In the 2 years I owned that car I did a lot of movie commercial also. It was a very pretty car.

I don't know where the car is now, but I am sure it is still racing somewhere. I later drove F5000 cars and IMSA, but I never forgot the first races with the McLaren.

I am sending you some pictures of the car, I hope the new owner will follow up. I really enjoy your new Website.

Thank you, best regards Phil Henny

John Bladon: M1
Car originally supplied to Dick Macon who raced it during 1965 in the USSCC best result was 6th overall in the 1965 LA Times GP. Imported to the UK in 2003 by John Bladon who campaigned it at Goodwood in September 2003 and the Macau historic grand Prix November 2003.




Judge Joe DiLoreto: Shelby McLaren

For your information the Shelby McLaren has just finished a ground up restoration. This car was owned by Shelby American, driven by Peter Revson and the only McLaren to run an aluminum 427 big block (FE) Ford engine.

The car is owned by Judge Joe DiLoreto, California. with the restoration done by John Collins and Bob Habermehl with the engine work by Lesco Engine Machine.

Mike Leicester
P.S. This photo was taken at Willowsprings Raceway, Ca. in 2003 in the photo are John Morton, Joe DiLoreto and Bob Habermehl



Paul Goldman: MK M1B #30-05

Former Bud Morley-raced car







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