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Team Cars History

This list is put forward to identify “Team” McLaren cars and their whereabouts today.

Based on McLaren issued numbers, i.e. New number, new car, one tag, one car.
Updated as at June 2007

Many of the M1 cars were disassembled, rebuilt, retagged etc, therefore tags and chassis do differ.  If the cars are tagged differently to their original build we have noted this as such. An arrow in the table indicates that the car in question was developed into the car below.



Zerex Cooper Oldsmobile

Driver – McLaren was this 64-1?

T53 F1 Cooper-based

99 Venezuela



M1A - McLaren/Olds

Prototype:Cooper components - Tyler Alexander-built

64-2  (from photos)

M1A - McLaren/Olds

Howden Ganley: built late 64
Show car





M1A McLaren/Ford

Driver Gurney

2nd works car.

Dean Sellers.

Correct tag unknown but reported as 64-2




M1B - McLaren/Olds

1-65 New alloy body improved  chassis.

M1A - McLaren/Olds

Cooper components - Tyler Alexander built

Tire testing



M1A - McLaren/Olds

Used to test the

Fergusson Auto-trans



Assembled frame identified on stands at Colnbrook early 66

2007 Current whereabouts unknown


M1B –McLaren/Olds

Driver -McLaren/Amon  66 test

New body & sq chassis 13" wheels, dry sump

1968 Sold Begg


2007 Group 7 – currently under restoration



M1B - McLaren/Chev

Driver -McLaren/Amon


Sold Kar Kraft

Tagged Test

2007 Tom Antonelli




M1B - McLaren/Chev

Driver - Amon

M1B 1-66 Can-Am Car

Sold US - Soucey

1999 Patrick Dekle

Tagged correctly

2007 – Dekle??



M1B - McLaren/Chev

Driver – McLaren

M1B 2-66 Can-Am car

1970 Ted Peterson/Ed Leslie

Seen in Nth CA mid 80’s had M6 body  Tagged 1-65

2007 Current whereabouts unknown



M6A - McLaren/Chev

Driver - McLaren

M6A-1 Can-Am car

1968 Penske

1968 Jerry Hansen

1969 Dave Causey

1969 Lynn Larson – extensively rebuilt

1999 Harry Mathews

2007 Harry Mathews – currently racing in the USA




M6A - McLaren/Chev

Driver - Hulme

M6A-2 Can-Am car

M8 development car

Sold Begg 68

2007 Group 7 – under restoration



M6A - McLaren/Chev

Driver - Donohue

M6A Spare Tub

1968 Penske

1969 Fred Baker

1970 Gordon Dewar

Mike Laughlin

Larry Crossan


1999 Ken McDowell

2003 Carl Moore – currently racing in the USA

2007  “  “



M8A McLaren/Chev

Driver - McLaren

M8A-1 Can-Am car

Salt damage




M8A McLaren/Chev

Driver - Hulme

M8A-2 Can-Am car

"B" development car


M8A McLaren/Chev

Spare tub


M8B McLaren/Chev

Driver - McLaren

M8B-2 Can-Am car

1970 Koveleski ( Tony Adamowicz also drove in 1971)

1972 Warren Agor

1974 Smith Family– car damaged, not rebuilt as yet

2007 Lance Smith



M8B McLaren/Chev

Driver - Team Spare (drivers – Gurney, Amon, McLaren )

Team spare

M8A-2 Can-Am car Sold Motschenbacher

1970 Goodyear show car

1978  MOTAT Museum & NSCC

1997 Bruce McLaren Trust

2007 Bruce McLaren Trust – restoration nearly completed



M8B McLaren/Chev

Driver - Hulme

M8B-1 Can-Am car

M8D development car

Cary Taylor

2007 Group 7 – under restoration

M8D McLaren/Chev

Driver - Hulme

M8D-1 Can-Am car

1970 Motschenbacher 19?? Stan Sarkowitz 19?? McLaren International

2007 McLaren Racing – fully restored, on display at MTC

M8D McLaren/Chev

Driver - McLaren

M8D-2 Can-Am Car

Crashed at Goodwood destroyed

M8D McLaren/Chev

Driver – Gurney/Gethin

M8D-3 Can-Am car

Disassembled 71/2 season

Built up as M8F

1973 Herb Kaplan

1977 Merle Brennan

Stuart Baumguard USA late 70’s

Paul Whyte UK mid to late 80’s

2000 Lawrence Stroll

2004 Museum in Canada

2007 Still at St Jovite Museum in Canada



M8D McLaren/Chev

Driver - Hulme

M8D-4 Can-Am car

Replacement for D-1 using tub fromM8E-1

1971 Tony Dean retubbed with Trojan production part

1971 Roy Woods

1972 Bill Overhauser

1974 Hal Whipple

1980 Modena Collection

1990 Bruce Zeigler

1997 Ernie Iaconetti USA

2007 Ernie Iaconetti USA





McLaren/Chev M8E-1 Tub repaired, built D spec using Trojan parts by Dean 72 sold to Eris Tondelli

1990 Robert Horne

2007 Robert Horne, UK


M8F McLaren/Chev

Driver - Hulme

M8F-1 Can-Am car

1972 Gregg Young –




George Parlby

1999 Bruce McCaw

2003 Chris MacAllister – fully restored in NZ in 2005/06

2007 Chris MacAllister, now racing in the USA



M8F McLaren/Chev

Driver - Revson

M8F-2 Can-Am car

1972 Greg Young

1973 Commander




1999 Peter Kause

2007 Current owner unknown




M20 McLaren/Chev

Driver - Revson

M20-3Can-Am car

1973 Roy Woods

1974 Herb Kaplan Stuart Baumguard

1990s Don Devine

2007 Don Devine – fully restored, races in USA

Tagged 20-1 *



M20 McLaren/Chev

Driver - Hulme (1st)

M20-2 Can-Am car

1973 Commander Motorhomes


Reno Museum

1999 Imperial Palace

2007 Imperial Palace,

  Las Vegas



M20 McLaren/Chev

Driver - Hulme (2nd)

M20-1 Can-Am car

1973 Felder Racing/ Kelleners





Bob Lee

1999 John McCaw

2004 Harry Mathews – fully restored and racing in the USA

2007  Harry Mathews

Tagged 20-3 *


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